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Our comprehensive accounting software is a fully integrated suite of applications designed to streamline accounting, payroll, and inventory management. Accountium provides businesses with enhanced data visibility and improved control over their operations.


Accountium leads the industry with an elegant design and functionality. Work more effectively by getting a complete, real-time view of your business’s financial performance.


With industry-leading tools, Accountium is the first choice for managing your business. Save time and free up resources to better serve customers, identify new opportunities and outpace the competition.

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Experience the future of Accounting Software with our revolutionary world’s first artificial intelligence system. With the ability to control the system with simple commands from your email, managing your finances has never been easier. 

Streamline Sales

Send professional invoices to clients and start accepting online payments.  Automatically record transactions in your books.

Cloud Accounting
Smart banking feeds

Smart Banking

Connect your bank to Accountium and set up bank feeds. Transactions flow securely straight into Accountium each business day. Monitor transactions and categorize them instantly.

Online accounting software built for Business, Accountants and Bookkeepers.

Business On-the-go

Keep an eye on your finances anywhere anytime on your mobile. Track bank balances, invoices, bills and more. Your data is synced across all devices all the time.

Cloud Accounting software
Accounting payroll


Our Payroll application is feature-rich and meets all of your payroll processing needs, while processing your payroll efficiently and accurately every time. CRA remittance, Paystubs, T4

I cannot even begin to express how much easier Accountium makes my life. For me it's the best Accounting Software platform around. Easy to use, with all the features required to run my business.
Ashley Martin
We've tested a lot of other Apps, but held onto Accountium because of the reliability and the features the software is offering. Our construction business is running smoothly and we see financials in real time.
John Heinrich
Awesome Software! I am able to send Invoices and get paid Online. Nice and clean design with intuitive features plus a great set of reports. Their Smart Banking module really makes it easier for having clean books.
Bill Jackson

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